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1/11/18: ProjiNova of the group HoldiNova buy back one of the leader of world algoculture : At-Sea Technologie becomes AtSeaNova ! Forerunner in sustainable technologies, the group HoldiNova becomes the owner of the European leader in culture of seaweeds (algoculture). The company pro-innovative AtSea-Technologies, stemming from an European consortium constituted by the leaders in research and development, becomes AtSeaNova. With this acquisition, ProjiNova holds 100 % of the solutions to allow the expansion of the seaweed as a generic resource on global scale. AlgeaNova : dams anti-sargasse specialist

Dams anti-algae

Engineering and systems tested and patented an environmentally and to effectively combat the brown algae

Harvesting of algae Sargasso ships

Our barges of pick-up to collect about 200 tons of algae fresh by day and sail at sea as in shallow water

Mixed barriers

Solutions 2 in 1 exist : We have systems duplication to contain and trap pollution related both to seaweed and hydrocarbons

TV Report - Martinique 1ère (Caribbean)


Finally a solution to eradicate the algae Sargasse (Video)

Environmental issues are now at the heart of concerns, the collection of seaweed Sargasse before its stranding on beaches becomes a necessity ecological and economic of the first order. Projinova détient la solution…


Dams anti-algae ProjiNova

ProjiNova, specialist industry algae and marine devices offers a unique and complete service :

• the supply and installation of dams floating to prevent the invasion of Sargasso
• regular maintenance of dams
• the collection and reprocessing of the Sargasso

Dam of 12 m item rolled- 45 kg

Barriers 2 in 1 : anti algae + anti hydrocarbon

Always precursor, the containment of algae solutions specialist, hydrocarbons, jellyfish, waste, etc. innovates once again by offering a barrier duplication….

Algae & Environment

The sea has unexplored potential and opens up a horizon for the emergence of a new industry around the production and recovery of marine algae in the strict respect of environmental treaties.


Specialist in the industry of algae and marine devices for many years, AlgeaNova and ProjiNova perform extensive testing private dams of algae to prevent the invasion of Sargasso in the Punta Cana region. The results were deemed effective and reliable.

Research & Development

AlgeaNova, sister ProjiNova, is actor in the field of research since its origins. The Group has 30 years of experience and has become a global leader in containment in poultry farming areas

Partners & Consortium

AlgeaNova contributes to the development of innovative projects, supported by the EU, to facilitate the production of algae. It coordinates researchers and companies within the consortium AT ~ SEA, inmate in a meaningful way by the Group HoldiNova. This network of partners concerned 8 companies all involved in the research and innovation

Portfolio Algeanova

Some achievements and recent projects